Robie Uniacke Personal Life, Net Worth, Family, Biography, and Career

Robie Uniacke is most famous for his wedding to Rosamund Pike, a papular actress. He is admired for his “wit, intelligence, and irreverence,” The actress has said that he has made her brave. He has lived a life with ups and downs, highlighted below. This article looks into Robie’s net worth biography and describes his personal life, career journey, background, and more details.

Age and Place of Birth of Robie Uniacke

Robie Uniacke was born in 1961 in the United Kingdom. He received his education in Windsor, England’s Eton College. Since he was a little boy, he has been fascinated by mathematics. He speaks Mandarin quite nicely as well. The businessman was brought up with his siblings Alexander Camila, Kate, and Casper John Uniacke.

Career Journey of Robie Uniacke

After completing college, he began a successful career as a mathematician. Robie afterward entered the business world and is currently an entrepreneur. He incorporates a significant amount of mathematical research into his daily tasks.

Additionally, Uniacke founded the information technology business Pale Fire Limited. It was in 2010, and eight years later, things started to fall apart after he ran into financial difficulties. When the company began to suffer, it became clear that he had committed various crimes, including failing to pay taxes and overdrawing accounts. His notoriety publicity as a result of this.

Personal Life of Robie Uniacke

His first wife, Howard Emma, bore him a son they named Robie Jonjo.

Robie Uniacke
Robie Uniacke

He married Rose Batstone after the divorce, and the two are the parents of Florence, Olive, and Hector. Robie Uniacke and Rose’s second marriage ended after a few years, and they went their separate ways. The billionaire is currently dating Rosamund Pike, with whom he has two children, Solo and Atom Uniacke.

His first two marriages ended due to heroin addiction, which plagued his personal life. After going through rehabilitation, he was able to get back to being himself.


Real nameRobie Uniacke
Place of birthUnited Kingdom
Net Worth$6,000,000
Age61 years
Education levelUniversity
SpouseRosamund Pike

scandals and disputes

Robie Uniacke ran into financial difficulties just as Rosamund Pike’s newest movie, “Entebbe,” was set to hit theatres in May 2018. According to “Dailymail UK,” Robie Uniacke had been disqualified from serving as a company director after admitting to several offenses during the investigation into the demise of his company, Pale Fire Ltd. Additionally, he was revealed that he owed HMRC a total of £189,602 in unpaid taxes.