Top life story of Gorgeous Paul Qualley, Andie Macdowell’s ex-husband

Paul qualley is a famous model but is best known as the ex-husband of the more renowned actress Andie MacDowell. He makes himself fit, stunning, and attractive in his body with smoldering looks.

He is not famous due to his fashion and acting and even in the entertainment industry. He grew up married and with Andie, he is known as Andie MacDowell’s husband.

His wife was much more papular and earned more money than him .even after the divorce; he could not live an independent life and be entirely himself.

Now we will discuss his biography.

NamePoul Qualley
Height7 feet 2 inches
Age65 years
Father Lee James Qualley
MotherPatricia Ann Rondou
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-wifeAndie MacDowell
Net wortharound $400,000. 

Who is paul Qualley

Paul Qualley is a well-known American actor, model, and musician. Born in 1959, he’s the father of singer-songwriter Fiona Apple and the ex-husband of actress/singer/activist Macaulay Culkin.Lee James Qualley (father) and Patricia Ann Rondou (mother). 

Andie MacDowell husband

He made him hold American citizenship by birth. He has appeared in various television shows, films, and print campaigns throughout his career. Paul qualley tries his luck and succeeds in fashion due to 13 years of marriage with Andie MacDowell.  

paul qualley

Qualley started his modeling career when he was just 20 years old and went on to appear in many fashion magazines such as Vogue Italia, GQ Japan, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle France. He has also been featured in several ad campaigns for brands like Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein.

Career in Modeling 

Paul developed an early interest in the world of modeling. Paul was prepared to begin modeling auditions due to his defined features, sculpted body, and fantastic posture. Thankfully, he had a robust support system from his friends and family, which motivated him to keep trying.

He appeared on the runway for various brands and successfully landed several partnerships. He met Andie MacDowell while acting as a model for the GAP commercial services, which was a professional high point.

Paul Qualley and Andie MacDowell’s Marriage

The world was rocked when the news came out in 1986 of Paul Qualley and Andie MacDowell’s marriage. The two were considered one of Hollywood’s most stylish couples at the time and were often seen together on red carpets and at events.

Paul Qualley is a model-turned-actor born in Montana to a family with five children. He started his career as a model while he attended high school. Soon after, he made his acting debut in 1985’s “Back to School,” alongside Rodney Dangerfield and Robert Downey Jr.

Qualley went on to star in other films like “The Music of Chance,” “Short Cuts,” and “Guncrazy.

Paul qualley again marries.

After the divorce, he did not clear paul got into a new relationship and remarried. He is alone and missing his ex-wife and the fame of his life. 

The physical appearance of Paul Qualley 

Paul Qualley is one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood. he is good physically at 7 feet 2 inches or 187 cm and weighs around 78kg or nearly 170 lbs. With his striking features – deep-set blue eyes and brown hair- he is an attractive and fit actress.

Paul Qualley’s net worth

Paul Qualley’s actual net worth is still a mystery. Qualley, though, reportedly has a net worth of around $400,000. 

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