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Patricia Brentrup is an actress whose career and work have significantly contributed to modern pop culture. Without a Home Alone movie marathon, the holidays aren’t complete. The series was masterfully produced, leaving an enduring impression. In this article, Patricia Brentrup, one of the leading ladies, is profiled for her role as Macaulay Culkin’s mother. Macaulay was not the only child of Patricia Bentrup, other children.

Age and place of birth of Patricia Brentrup

Culkin’s mother, Patricia Brentrup, was born on 21 November 1954. Her age is 68 years old. Patricia Brentrup is of Caucasian ethnicity and has American nationality. Her children love the most and cannot live without her.

The career journey of Patricia Brentrup

Her acting career reached its apex in the Home Alone films, where she gained international recognition. She is an actress by profession. Her baby Macaulay Culkin was the source of popularity.

Profile Summary

Name Patricia Brentrup
Birth placeAmerica
Year of birth1948
Net worth$200,000
Children7, 1 deceased
SpouseMart D. Cox
Age48 years
Birth signScorpio

The real-life of Patricia Brentrup

After being married and moving in together in 1974, she divorced Kit Culkin in 1991. They had been together for seventeen years. They became parents to seven children due to their relationship—even though they never wed—Shane was born in 1976, Dakota in 1979, Macaulay in 1980, Kieran in 1982, Quinn in 1984, Christian in 1987, and Rory Culkin in 1987. However, Dakota Culkin, their second child, died in a horrifying vehicle accident in 2008.

Culkin’s family

The Culkin family is made up of actors. The kit is an actor and ex-manager who is knowledgeable about the business. Patricia is a well-known actress most recognized for playing the lead in Home Alone. As a result, they had already set an example for their kids.

Patricia Brentrup

After Patricia Brentrup alleged that Kit had temper difficulties, a tight connection with his boys, and was unfaithful, the couple decided to call off their engagement. In the past, Kit was married to Adeena VanWagoner, with whom he even had a child, Jennifer Adamson, who tragically passed away in 2000 from a drug overdose. During their divorce, the couple fought in court about who would get to keep custody of Macaulay, and Patricia prevailed.

She later married Mart D. Cox, and the couple now lives in Billings, Montana. Patricia became the stepdaughter of Mart, who had previously been married and had a child named Jara Cox. At the same time, Kit remained with his partner Jeannette Krylowski till her demise in 2017.

Sued of Patricia

Her neighbors previously sued Patricia for $80,000,000 after a fire started in her home in a flat in December 1998 and resulted in the deaths of four people and the injuries of numerous others due to the way it was handled; it was determined that the Manhattan apartment was where the fire started after a dried-up Christmas tree caught fire. Smoke entered the entire structure because Patricia Bentrups failed to seal the door, and keep it closed.

The net worth of Patricia Brentrup

Quin has a net worth of $50000, Kieran $4 million, Macaulay $16 million, and she is worth about $200000.people liked her on social media.