Kehinde Alli Biography, Age, Wife, Education, Career, Net Worth

Kehinde Alli is a well-known businessman from Nigeria. The famous English professional football player and star Dele Ali. had a memorable spell playing for Tottenham Spurs. He knows as his biological father.

From his humble beginnings in Nigeria. Kehinde has become an international icon with fans worldwide. His athletic performance is one part of the story. His selfless contributions to those around him are inspiring.

In this article, you’ll get an insight into who Alli is beyond her fashion career. We’ll explore her childhood, family life, and her journey to success.


The early life of Kehinde Alli

His date of birth is July 9 1969, to Nigerian parents. Father Chief Sanusi Alli, along with Alhaja Rafat Alli (father). His mother was a businessman, and his father was an accountant at his birth. Alli has six siblings, one of whom is Taiwo Alli, his identical twin.


Kehinde Alli religion

He was born into a Muslim family, so he is Muslim by birth.


What about Kehinde Alli’s Parents?

His parents were born in the Nigerian city of Abeokuta. But they were late many years before.his father was a bookkeeper with Paterson Zochonis. Throughout his life on Earth, he lived in Ibadan. In the meantime, his mother worked as a business owner and trader in Ibadan.


What is the Education History of Kehinde Alli?

Kehinde is an inspiring example of the power of Education. After growing up in a rural village in Nigeria. He earned a full scholarship to study abroad. Has since become an influential leader in economics and Education. Kehinde finished his primary schooling at the ICC Primary School in Mokola, Ibadan State.

He completed his secondary Education in Maryland. Comprehensive Secondary School in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria. Following that, he transferred to Ogun State Polytechnic to pursue a business administration degree.

He next went to the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University. Where he earned his accounting degree. Kehinde moved to the UK after completing his NYSC service to pursue his master’s in information systems management at the renowned DeMontFort University in London.



What is Kehinde Alli’s Career Path?

As far career path of Alli is concerned, she has gained a large following in multiple publications due to her hard work and dedication. Kehinde has over 20 years of experience working in the IT industry and has served as an IT consultant for several companies, including Accenture Canada.


Together with his twin brother Taiwo, he founded Twintech Services Inc. in 2001. This business helped him land an IBM contract. Besides, Kehinde Alli is a home healthcare business owner who employs over 100 people.

Kehinde is an excellent example of how far one can reach when one sets their mind to something. Her story of determination and success is share with all. They are looking to embark on their career journey.


Who is the wife of Kehinde Alli?

kehinde alli
kehinde alli

While Kehinde was living in England in 1995, he married Denise Fitch. The couple welcomed their first child, a son named Bamidele Alli, on April 11, 1996. (also known as Dele Alli). Shortly after Dele was born, Kehinde and Denise got divorced.


Dele raises Alan and Sally Hickford, who served as his foster parents. Dele views Harry Hickford, Alan and Sally’s natural son, as his brother. But Kehinde married Omolola Alli again in 2005. the couple had four children. Deolu Jonathan, Demi Abigail, Dara Jeremiah, and Damisi Joshua.


Profile Summary

Name Kehinde Alli
Nationality Nigerian
Age 52 years
Birth Sign Cancer
Children 5
Profession businessman
Net worth $6 million


Kehinde Alli, Dele

Alli’s first biological child from his first marriage to Denise Fitch was born in 1996 and is known as Dele Alli. Dele Alli’s mother’s name is Denise Alli. Following their breakup, Kehinde remarried Omolara Alli in 2005.
After that, the two gave birth to Demi, Dara, Damisi, and Deolu.

Dallas, Texas, is where Kehinde and his family currently live. He doesn’t get along with his oldest son, Dele Ali. Dele Alli and Kehinde Alli loved each other.


Kehinde Alli on Instagram

You can search on Instagram and share your ideas about your favorite Kehinde Alli.


What is Kehinde Alli’s net worth?

He is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist who has made a fortune. He is best known for founding the successful IT company Media Solutions Ltd. Kehinde Alli’s net worth is 6$ million.



Kehinde Alli’s life is a testament to the possibilities of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. He has achieved so much in his young life, and it doesn’t stop there; they continue to strive for excellence and greatness. His determination, drive, and passion clearly show why he is so successful. We can all learn from Kehinde’s commitment to excellence and use it to better our lives.

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Who is Kehinde Alli?

Kehinde Alli is a Nigerian-American entrepreneur who has made great strides in business. He is the founder and CEO of Broad Street Capital Group. Venture capital firm that invests in African-American entrepreneurs.


Can we reach Kehinde Alli via social media?

Yes, we search for him on Instagram and Twitter. He builds an audience on these platforms and becomes familiar.


Does the success inspire you through the hard work of Kehinde Alli?

Of course, we inspire his success story. Like Kehinde Alli, we are determined to get fame through hard work and dedicated effort.