7 trending ways How to see who saved your Instagram Post in 2023?

Knowing how to see who saved your Instagram post is a reasonably underused feature. Instagram can help you when it comes to providing value to your audience, promoting products, or just gauging the success of an Instagram post. When people click on the ‘Like’ button or tap the heart icon on an Instagram post, it’s not always an indication of alike. Some users do this to save the photo later, while others do so because they want more information about the promoted product.

Check with chrome extension:

If you are looking for a chrome extension on how to see who saved your Instagram post, you have come to the right place. Now you can keep track of your Instagram post easily. You just have to install the chrome extension log in with your Facebook or Twitter account. Your actions will be saved there instead of on your phone. So you don’t have to worry about losing them.

How to see who saved your Instagram Post?

Do you want to know how to see who saved your Instagram post with just one simple trick? Using this trick, you can reach out to potential new clients and build a better relationship with them. I’ll help you learn how to see who saved your Instagram post so that you can start improving business relationships today!

Social Media working on Instagram:

As a newbie social media marketer, you may be wondering, “who saved my Instagram post?”. Lucky for you, I have got them back, and I will divulge to you exactly how to see who saved your Instagram post. But, first, we will learn how Instagram has made it incredibly difficult to view who saved their posts.

In the last Instagram update, they removed the feature to see who saved your picture or video. So since most of you either want to know who saved your post, you can follow them or thank them. And you want to spy on who’s saving your pictures to make sure there is no one that he fakes his popularity and doesn’t have true fans following him.

How to see who saved your Instagram Post?
how to see who saved your Instagram post with techdoner.com?

Connect with a website:

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Who saved your post?

1) Instagram doesn’t allow you to see who saved your posts. The only way to see how many people saved a post is to see how many shared times.

2) While Instagram doesn’t let you see who saved your posts, there’s a workaround for checking how many times a post.

3) Unfortunately, the only way to check how many people have saved your Instagram post is to see how many times they shared.

4) you can see how many times your posts were saved and shared.

5) According to Instagram, you share photos from a private account as a story or direct message. The person or people with whom you’ve shared the photo will be able to see it, but no one else will.

6)You can also choose not to allow other people to share your posts in their stories. Go to Settings > Privacy > Story > Hide Story From and select Hide to do this—my Story From Accounts I Block or Hide My Story From Everyone.

Instagram Saved your post:

According to Instagram, the “Saved” section of the app is a private collection where you can save posts and revisit them later. When you view someone else’s saved photos on Instagram. They will be able to see that you viewed them. It will not notify them, but they will be able to see that you viewed it.

But no way to find out who has saved their posts on Instagram at this time. The account owner has access to the list of users who have saved their posts. In addition, there are no notifications sent to a person when you save one of their posts. However, there is a way to see who saves your Instagram Stories.


Instagram Stories are different from regular Instagram posts, mainly because they disappear within 24 hours of being posted. The disappearing aspect of stories makes it easier for people to share more authentic, raw content that isn’t meant for a permanent record.