Top Trending 10 Instagram Birthday Story The Right Way?


Do you ever make an Instagram birthday story? Instagram is  go-to 

Platform to share celebratory moments like the best friend’s birthday.

If you know a friend, or someone you love who has an Instagram user, however, it can make their day if send them a message you could wish them Instagram!

There are many ways to share your content on Instagram. it is Instagram birthday stories are definitely the most effective and personal option since it allows you to tag your loved ones in the same story. While Instagram background allows them to instantly share your wishes on their own page and show the love they’ve received.


What is Instagram background?

Instagram adds background to your stories, after you upload the photo, gif Instagram impulsively adds the colour of the background. however you don’t like these colours, you can use the brush icon and select a colour for your background and choose a decent colour. 

Birthday Notification:

Instagram story Background colour:

  • I made the white in this example, but you can use different colours. A few ideas would be their favourite colour, a bold accent colour, or using the colour picker tool for a complimentary box. Simply stretch the box into the desired position and Open the image in stories after saving it to your gallery.
  • Click the brush tool and make it the same colour as the box,
  •  then colour the period. If you need to adjust the brush size, adjust the slider on the right. 
  • You can make a line by repeatedly typing underscore with the text tool you prefer.
  • You can utilize the colour picker tool to match the line’s colour to the image or select from the colour palette.
  • The light grey colour makes the notification box look more authentic.
  • Draw the line at the bottom of the box—type Reminder as the Reminder title.
  • I  added my message to the middle and then emojis below the bar. Instead of emojis, you can also add the birthday date, their birthdate, gift cards, or text or add a username.
  • You can make a line by repeatedly typing underscore with the text tool you prefer.


Select space:

Find a picture in your Instagram birthday story with Space at the top or bottom, so the notification box doesn’t cover the subject. Select the text tool, choose the First Font, and then type a period. Add a Text Background and hit space a few times to create the box’s length.


Text reply:

Whenever my message notification dings, I rush to my phone and likely respond with too many emojis and exclamation points because the simple feature feels like an exciting surprise. Make a birthday notification story to notify your friend and followers to share the celebration!

Now we are going to share your Instagram birthday story ideas:


Step:1 Eccentric Instagram birthday story:

 Do you want to surprise your friend by sending them a funny birthday text and a photo? This Instagram story might be for you. This template can be customized with your text, photos and other assets.


Step:2  A birthday film reel:

Have you got a friend who’s always making short movies or vlogs.?

This film reel is for you. However, lurch allows you to replace five photos. however, It’s a refreshing approach to the person that surprises you and everyone else who looks at your story.


Step:3 A Classic Typography Instagram Birthday Story:

Do you know anyone who takes beautiful photos of themselves on Instagram? The Classy Typography Effect Birthday Story is perfect for you if this is you. This template can be customized in the same way as any other template. You can also replace the default photo with a friend’s picture and continue the making process. Even if the default photo is replaced with a friend’s picture, your Instagram story background will still look great.


Step:4 Collage Instagram birthday story:

Instagram birthday story with

Do you want to astonish your best friend and send a personalized Instagram birthday story? This template is for you. This template is more visually pleasing and includes three, especially photo sections.

You and your friend can replace the three existing photos with memorable photos. Infect It will brighten their day.


Step:5 A short birthday story:

If you’re in search of something simple and uninteresting because it is the perfect option. It’s a simple and plain-looking story idea for you to wish your loved ones the best birthday wishes. However, you can customize the Birthday template in a matter of minutes for those looking for an easy method of doing so.


Step:6 Hanging letters birthday for birthday story:

I’m hoping to keep up with the trends and get people talking about this birthday-themed idea. With the Hanging birthday letters, and Instagram background story templates you are able to be creative and include several scenes that have different texts to make the template more individual.


step:7 Photo frame Instagram Birthday Story:

Suppose you are looking for something non-funky and straightforward, although the idea would be the best choice. The Instagram story background is a super simple and flat-themed idea to wish your best friend a happy birthday. This is the best way to find a quick Birthday template to customise.


Step:8 The birthday story with multiple photos:

Multi-photo Instagram is an easy-to-use Instagram story background design idea. Birthdays Infect. The template follows simple steps and allows you to add two images. It is possible to add additional pictures and scenes to create the perfect birthday present for your loved one.


Step:9 Creative Birthday Story:

Are you searching for something that is contemporary and unique? This Creative Instagram background Story birthday template is among the best options available. because It lets you upload three of your own photos and then customize the text to create your individual.


Step:10 Colorful Instagram Birthday Story:

The bright and colourful Birthday story template is a great option if you’re looking for something fun. The template includes everything you require, from the possibility of modifying the text to adding your own details.


To sum up:

When you follow all these ideas mentioned above, hopefully, you can make a super Instagram birthday story for your best friends, and your buddies will not only be happy and enjoy it a lot.