8 top trending ways how to Delete a Facebook business page in 2023?


A Facebook page is a platform used by celebrities, public figures, brands, and different the best 8 full outstanding ways how to delete a Facebook business page?


organizations to brand their names or businesses. Although It helps the audience to stay connected with upcoming offers from updated brands. Companies create pages to share their contact information, post updates and promote events and releases. Making a Facebook page is justly a quick procedure. However, deleting it is fast and easy as well.

here we will discuss how to delete a Facebook business page?


The Top 7 Step by Step Guides on How to Delete a Facebook business Page

There are easy ways how to delete a Facebook business page? from public access via mobile or desktop. Most importantly, you will get a free guide if you are still not 100% sure you want to lose your Facebook business page permanently. In this content, you will learn how to delete a Facebook business page?

• You can delete your Facebook business page on desktop or mobile.

• Delete your Facebook profile.

• Unpublish your Facebook page.

• Again, publish your page back.

• Delete videos on your Facebook page when you no longer want them.

• cancel your Facebook page deletion.



How many ways are there to remove a Facebook page?

Certainly, we find two basic ways how to remove a Facebook business page? from public access. If you want to remove it permanently, then delete it forever. But if you want to remove it temporarily, you can switch the page’s status to “unpublished”. You need to be a page’s admin for this temporary setting.


How to unpublish a public Facebook page?

There is to say that unpublishing a Facebook page is a good option for those who no longer want to interact publicly. although It is better for the pages that have been resting but can be helpful in the future because of their updating career. Sometimes an admin feels lazy about his career, but later, he gets passionate and starts loving his career, and making changes can make him compassionate regarding his page. Hence, unpublishing a Facebook is the best option for this kind of people.

how to delete a Facebook business page with techdoner.com

Here is how to delete a Facebook business page?

  1. Go to the settings menu: Firstly, Go to the settings bar on your screen’s left corner beside the “help” icon.
  2. Click Page visibility: After opening the settings, Click Page visibility from the start of the list of locations given below the general tab.
  3. Choose unpublish the page: There are two options when you click Page visibility. One is Page published, and the other one is Page unpublished. Here you have to choose “Page Unpublished”.
  4. Answer the queries: You have to reply to a few questions about why do you want to unpublish your public account. Answer them and move to the next step.
  5. Save the changes: Now, save the changes by clicking the ‘save’ icon.

However, this is a convenient way to unpublish a Facebook business page. Similarly, Publishing a public account back is super easy and feasible.


How to delete a Facebook business page?

Think while you decide how to delete a Facebook business page? because once you click “Delete it”, the page will be deleted permanently on Facebook. You will not get notified by any Email from Facebook about confirmation. Hence, your Facebook page will disappear in just a blink. Make sure you are ready to delete. The method of deleting is super easy. Here you go;

how to delete a Facebook business page with techdoner.com

  1. Go to settings: Firstly, go to the settings menu shown in the right corner of your screen.
  2. Select remove page: Secondly, after opening the settings, go down and select the ‘Remove page’ icon.
  3. Click Edit: Here, you will see an ‘Edit’ icon when clicking removes the page. Now, click ‘Edit’ next to ‘Delete your page’ for the further process.
  4. Select Permanently delete: Now, click to delete your page permanently.
  5. Confirm your selection: After that, Facebook will ask for your confirmation whether you want to delete it permanently or not. Select ‘Delete’.

Your page is now purposely ready for deletion. because It will take fourteen days for deletion. You may stop the deletion process by opening your page and clicking “Cancel deletion” at the head of the page. The page will no more be redeemable once fourteen days are over.


How to delete videos on your Facebook page?

Do you want to get rid of some videos on your Facebook? This method will help you quickly delete photos and videos from your Facebook page. Firstly, we will learn how to delete from a PC desktop.


Deletion of videos on Facebook from desktop

  1. Login: Firstly, Log in to your account on a desktop.
  2. Open the Explore section: Select photos on the left menu located in the explore section (Select See more if you can’t see them).
  3. Navigation: Navigate to the video you want to delete.
  4. Choose the options: Bring a cursor over the video you want to delete and choose the ‘options’ link showing at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Click the delete option: Now, Choose the delete option, and your photo or video will be deleted on Facebook permanently.


Deletion of videos on Facebook from your mobile

  1. Login: Login to your account first.
  2. Open menu: Tap on the menu box shown in the upper right portion of your screen.
  3. Select photos: Now, Tap photos or videos.
  4. Navigation: Navigate to the video you want to remove.
  5. Choose “more options”: Now tap the ‘More options’ link.
  6. Choose ‘Edit photo’: Select the ‘edit photo’ icon.
  7. Select delete: Select delete, and then delete again to confirm.

In short, Where there is a will, there is a way. You can easily do what you want if you know the method. There is nothing complicated about how to delete a Facebook business page or a video on Facebook. Above all, after reading this blog, you will be eligible to delete, publish or unpublish a business page.