How many types of keywords in SEO? 12 powerful tips – 2023


Do you know How many types of keywords in SEO? The phrases customers use to look for information, goods, or services online are known as SEO keywords. Additionally, they are the terms that search engines employ to rank and organize online information.


Choosing and using SEO keywords is to ensure that they are relevant to the search terms your new clients would use to find your site and how search results will interpret and classify your website.

For instance, when you begin writing “How many types of keywords in SEO?” in the Google search bar, Google displays the most relevant content depending on the evidence it has categorized and ranked to use its search algorithm. The web browser, in this instance, shows a description as the prime target and immediately proposes related queries and information that it has determined to be the most beneficial and pertinent to address the search inquiry.


How many types of keywords in SEO?

How many different kinds of keywords are there in SEO? Different keyword kinds affect how, where, what, and why you optimize for your website in SEO. The varieties of SEO keywords can be thought of and categorized in numerous ways. Here, we’ll discuss different kinds of keywords depending on their length, how they link to the unique buying process of your organization and your specific company, and keywords for certain products or services.


Types of keyword in SEO based on length:

This category includes how many types of keywords in SEO?


Short-Tail Keywords:

These are keywords with a single or two words that are frequently searched. They are commonly referred to as head or focus keywords.

High competition exists for short-tail ones. Additionally, they do not clarify what the user is trying to find. Let’s say you enter “SEO” into the Google search bar. More than 91K people look for it each month. Whatever the user tries to find is not apparent as there will be many results for this targeted term. They must employ supplementary words to focus the search to be more specific. Therefore, the search traffic will often be lower.


Long-Tail Keywords:

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They function as phrases since they are phrases with moreover two or three words. Compared to the short tail types, they might not have as many searches but are more focused. Three words or more typically make up long-tail keywords.

The associated long-tail keywords for the example mentioned above would be “How many types of keywords in SEO?” and many more.

Despite their low search traffic, they will assist your page rank well. Long-tail keywords hence have higher expected returns.


Mid-Tail Keywords:

These keywords fall somewhere in between the two types of keywords. In terms of length, they differ from long-tail and short-tail keywords. They have lower search volumes than long-tail keywords. Take the prior illustration. “Best Free SEO Tools” will be a long-tail term. “SOE tools” would be a keyword of average length.


Keyword types in SEO based on Buyer Intent:

This category includes how many types of keywords in SEO? There are essentially four different types of keywords in this area.

Informational keywords:

Such terms are ones that customers search for to learn more about a good or service. They frequently ask questions that start with “how,” “what,” “is it,” and similar words. For instance, “How many types of keywords are SEO?”


Navigational keywords:

These keywords should be used in your directory lists because they are crucial for local SEO.How many types of keywords in seo? A client would enter a navigational keyword into the search bar while seeking a product in a particular retailer. The user, in this case, is familiar with the brand and its effects but wants further details.

Commercial keywords:

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These keywords typically have some buying intent but are mainly concerned with doing the research before making a decision.

The user wants to identify the best brand, services, or product to meet their needs. When using these kinds of keywords, your aim should be to offer materials that will encourage users to choose you over rivals.


Transactional keywords:

These are the most popular keywords for E-Commerce companies since they target customers who are highly motivated to make a purchase.

These consist of searches that indicate a user is trying to purchase a good or service. It will help if you target these keywords through your service and product sites.

Here, the phrases are directed toward potential customers who, having obtained information, are prepared to make a sale and, having compared the product with its rivals, are satisfied with the pricing.

Types of keyword in SEO for specific industry:

This category includes how many types of keywords in SEO? These keywords differ based on the industry.


Market Segment:

In one industry or one of its sectors, these keywords are utilized. Despite their general and comprehensive nature, they aid the target market in understanding the business’s products. For example, a clothing brand would use the keyword “clothes.”



As you might have guessed, these are expressions that refer to a particular category of customers. Marketers use them to connect with a group of people who have similar traits, such as age or gender.

Using the previous example, “clothes for women,” “shoes for men,” etc., would be client keywords for a fashion brand. These keywords need to be context-based, as you might guess.



Brand names are frequently found on these kinds of keywords. They have higher conversion rates within a category that favours or is devoted to a brand’s services.



They are focused on regions and are quite beneficial for nearby companies. According to a survey, 46% of Searches on google are for location information.


Primary Keywords:

Whenever you produce a new website or information, it should be centred on one primary keyword. You want that material to be found for this particular keyword.

Let’s take the example of targeting the phrase “digital marketing methods” and asking, “How many types of keywords in SEO?” On that subject, you can write content and include your main keyword in the description, headlines, page title, Meta tags, first text, and all other relevant places.


Keywords are essential!

The most frequent query from professionals is “How many types of keywords in SEO?” Depending on their nature, keywords come in a wide variety. The majority of astute SEO experts are aware of the fact that choosing the appropriate keyword plays a key role in SEO. If the keywords you select are poor and you miss the mark, your SEO effort may not yield the expected results.



If you want to improve your outcomes, you must surpass the initial goal of the site, if there is one. Websites without a primary goal will continue to enjoy exceptional success as all metrics rise. Being an expert at keyword research will benefit your website’s overall performance as your SEO effort matures and bears fruit.