Best Edward Aszard Rasberry biography, age, education, life, net worth

Edward Aszard Rasberry is a name many have come to know and respect over the years. Tatyana Ali, a well-known actress who rose to fame playing Ashley Banks with Will Smith on the hit NBC comedy The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, gave birth to celebrity child Edward Aszard Rasberry. Here we discuss biography and age. Education, personal life and net worth Edward.

Age and birthplace of Edward Aszard Rasberry

He was born on September 15 2016, in Beverly hills. Tatyana Ali and Vaughn Rasberry, his parents, raised him in California. Edward is of Indo-Trinidadian and Afro-Panamanian heritage and has American citizenship. He was six years old

What is their educational background of Edward?

The five-year-academic old’s history has yet to be determined. It is unknown if he attends a private school in California or is homeschooled in that state. He will be well educated in the coming years and famous worldwide.

Height and appearance of Edward 

He has brown eyes and black hair with golden facial colour. His height was estimated at 2 feet 3 inches. It will increase with time 

Is he active on social media?

He is such a small boy. His parents still need to upload his images on social media. He is not active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

What is your personal life of Edward?

His affluent parents, who met on the internet dating service eHarmony and eventually got engaged in 2016, gave birth to him. 

Is Tatyana Ali married

Edward Aszard Rasberry

 They got married. A-list actors, actresses, and other wealthy guests attended their wedding on July 17, 2016, to witness the start of their marriage. They liked each other, enjoyed their life, and never quarrelled.

Have Tatyana Ali children?

The couple then had their second son three years after welcoming their first son, Edward Aszard Resberry, into the world. Their children were adorable. Both loved the most of their kids.


NameEdward Aszard Rasberry
Place of birthBeverly Hills
Year of birth2016
Age6 years
Eyes colourBrown

 Net Worth of Edward Aszard Rasberry 

 Edward Aszard Rasberry’s current wealth has presently unknown. His mother earned a Bachelor of Arts in African-American Studies and Government from Harvard University in 2002. She led voter registration campaigns during Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign on college campuses.

Her acting career has been lucrative, and she is now a millionaire. She appeared in the 2018 Jingle Belle and Loved That Girl, among other ventures! The estimated net worth of Edward’s mother is $6 million.

His father is an assistant professor of English at Stanford University. He is a talented and social person. Most people like him.


Where was he born?

Edward was born in Beverly Hills.

Who is Edward Aszard Rasberry?

He is the son of the well-known actress, Tatyana.

What are Edward Aszard Rasberry’s works?

Edward is a small child and not yet working.