Digga D Biography, Age, Real Name, Career, and Net Worth

Digga d, who is a musical artist from the United Kingdom. the UK drill artist and pioneer of the genre. Having been in the music scene for over 10 years, Digga D has gained a considerable following due to his bold and honest lyrics that have pushed boundaries and made waves throughout the industry. He is a highly sought-after recording artist and an activist who uses his platform to bring awareness to social issues affecting his community. 

This article examines his biography, age, career, and musical journey.


Digga d birthplace and age 

He was born on 29 June 2000, and his real name is Rhys Herbert. His unique flow, catchy lyrics, and uplifting anthems have gathered legions of fans worldwide. 


What is the educational background of Digga d?

He was expelled from school after being caught with marijuana during an unannounced police check. His first arrest as a teenager resulted from this. His lyrical content often tackles serious topics such as police brutality, mental health, and racism.


What is the career of Digga d?

Digga D has come a long way in his career journey. With his rise to fame on the UK Drill music scene, he has become a household name in the music industry. Digga D’s music and lyrics have captivated audiences worldwide as he continues to dominate the charts.

The single “Woi,” which was released by Digga D in July 2020, was well-known all across the world. The song was also a MOBO Awards finalist for “Song of the Year,” Complex’s editors ranked it first on their list of the year’s best songs.

Later, in October 2020, Digga D released “Chingy,” another single tune that was likewise successful.

Celebrities from all over the world, including Stormzy and Zac Efron, have praised his music.


Personal life of digga d

Digga d with techdoner

Digga has received two prison sentences for violating the strict CBO requirements (Criminal Behaviour Order). He was stabbed in the eye by inmates in the year 2019 while serving his prison sentence, resulting in the loss of one of his eyes.

An official from the Ministry of Justice said that Digga stabbed with a sword made from a tuna can that was not supposed to be made publicly. Most of these have been brought on by him and his CGM staff breaching the CBO.




These releases have seen Digga D collaborate with artists such as AJ Tracey and Chipmunk on tracks like ‘No Hooks’ and ‘Gangsta Music.’ His sound fuses elements of Rap, Grime, Trap, and Drill – resulting in a unique blend of hard-hitting bars over great beats that make you want to move your feet! Further, we also share

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Is he available on Social Media?

On Digga, you can share content, comment on posts, follow your favorite accounts and engage with other users through conversations. Whether you’re looking for an exciting discussion or a creative outlet, Digga d has something for everyone to enjoy.

You don’t have to worry about feeling overwhelmed or confused – the platform is easy-to-use and provides helpful tips and tutorials so that everyone can get started quickly. Plus, plenty of great features like private messaging and real-time notifications make it even more enjoyable.

He is available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Spotify, and YouTube, Soundcloud with a vast audience.



Digga D has promoted himself as one of the most promising upcoming artists in the UK drill. His unique style fuses rap and grime, creating a truly distinctive sound.

 His individualistic flow and lyrical ability have earned him the respect of his peers and gained him a loyal fan base. All signs point towards Digga D having a successful career ahead of him. We are grateful to have him in our lives as he spreads light and joy through his music.



What is the age of Digga d?

The age of Digga is 22 years, currently 2022.

What is the actual name of Digga d?

 Rhys Herbert is his real name is

Do you know the source of his fame?

Yes, the source of his fame is joining the musical industry and becoming popular worldwide.